Imagine having a consistent flow of highly qualified sales leads filling your pipeline. Your time is utilised more effectively leaving you to focus on meeting with interested prospects. The PromoDonna’s sales professionals will pick up the phone for you, to generate face-to-face prequalified appointments and leads.

There is no greater way of generating leads for your business, than through cold calling.

Having a Team of sales professionals picking up the phone to generate face-to-face appointments and managing leads for your business.

Our local, highly experienced sales Team will fill your sales pipeline with a consistent stream of warm prospects, so that you can focus on meeting with them for greater conversion.

Our strong skill-sets and sophisticated systems allow us to give guarantees to our Clients, and to tailor all of their programs to suit. We understand that every Client is different – has different sales goals and target markets – and therefore we develop a campaign to suit your ongoing business and budgetary requirements.

Our Cold Calling campaigns are not just for generating highly qualified B2B sales meeting however.

We are highly experienced in delivering a plethora of different programs requiring us to pick up the phone:

  • Outbound calls to develop relationships
  • Calling ‘warm’ incoming inquiries
  • Taking inbound calls
  • Calling past clients to have them re-sign
  • Membership drives
  • Conducting surveys

To find out how The PromoDonna can assist in creating qualified leads for your company, contact us today.