Overcoming Your Fear Of The Phone

Are you scared of the phone? Do you dread calling prospects?

At The PromoDonna, we swear by our phones – and not just for taking selfies – but because we understand the benefit in picking up the phone and calling your ideal client.

How many times have you said, “Gosh, I’d LOVE to work with XYZ company!”

There is no greater way to find out whether that client wants to utilise your services than to literally call and ask them. Could you be knocked back? Sure. But then you are still exactly where you started without asking yourself “what if?”

This Month, The PromoDonna team will be sharing their tips and techniques on re-establishing your relationship with your phone. We’ll show you how to stop being afraid of it, tips to perfect your #phonevoice and simple ways on just how you can use the phone to fill your sales pipeline.


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