Imagine flicking through the newspaper to see your business featured. Your brand has become a household name, your sales are increasing and you get to focus on running your business. The PromoDonna’s team will build brand awareness through free publicity creating lead generation on a broad level.

Along with the opportunities that cold calling and social media provide, building brand awareness through approaches such as publicity by means of traditional media exposure is an advantage to any business.

The PromoDonna is experienced in managing and building your business’s media exposure, while taking a unique out-of-the-box approach to build brand awareness quickly and reach larger audiences through a range of channels, generating new leads and quality opportunities.

We build your brand through opportunities such as:

  • Traditional media coverage including feature articles, expert opinions and television appearances
  • Social media product exposure
  • Opportunities of guest blogging and article writing
  • Product placement and launches
  • Speaker and workshop opportunities

To find out how The PromoDonna can assist in putting your brand at centre stage, contact us today.